Relations de voyages Traditional Shoulder Seaman Bag



Relations de Voyages - Sailsbags Since 1955 -Handmade in Italy

Traditional Shoulder Seaman Bag 

Outside part: recycled  genoa 

oxidized eyelets

double splice at the bottom which could be used as a handle

topman’sknot handle tied to the top of the bag with 6 splices and which moves 

at the bottom with a monkey’s fist.

protective leather for shoulder

Inside part: recycled   jib.

closure flap in recycled sail

pocket (22X30 cm), closed with velcro

size: 48×29 cm

washable at 30 °C by hand 


Relations de Voyages  guarantee that this bag is entirely made with sails  which was washed from its impurities.


Each bag is unique. The bag that you will choose in the photo is exactly the bag you will receive.


Possible irregularities are not manufacturing defects but testimonies of the “real-life experience” of the sail, which return this a unique and authentically recycled accessory.

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