1. Create your seller account here
  2. Verify your email
  3. Upload your products
  4. If your product is sold, you will be verified via e-mail and a pre-paid shipping label will be sent to you
  5. When the product will be shipped you are going to receive your payment

Seller guide

Pricing Details

In this box you will need to enter the price you want to sell the product for.
Compare at price
Here you will need to put the retail price in case the product you want to sell has a special discount.
Sales Price
In this box the final price (which customers will purchase for) will be shown. Our platform automatically calculate the 8% commission fee and show it under the 'sales price' box.
Charge Taxes on this Product
This checkbox allows you to charge taxes on customers for the product you want to sell.
Inventory Details
This box lets you enter the product sku.
If your product has a barcode you can upload the code here.
Track Invetory
You can decide wether to track or not the invetory of the products. We higly recommend this.
If you decide to track the invetory you can set a quantity for the product and allow customers to purchase even if the product is out of stock.
Variant Details
Clickin on 'add variant' you will be able to add sizes or color of your products.
Product Image
Where you can add images of your products.
Product Additional Details
Product Handle
The product handle is a perma-link for your products.
How do i upload products on nvmind.net?
1. In the main menu click on 'products'
2. On the slide-down menu click on 'products listing'
3. Click '+ add product'
4. Add the request informations about your products
5. As soon the product is create it will be immedeatily uploaded on nvmind.net
How i find the suitable tag for my products?
When uploading products, you will be asked to add products tags. In this way your items will be located in the correct section of the website.
1. Click on 'products'
2. On the drop-down menu click on 'smart collections'
3. Under product conditions you will find the tags for the different categories of products.
4. Find the suitable tag for you product and add it in the uploading process.
What if the category of product I want to sell is not in the smart collections?
In this case, you can still add the product. We will create a new collections within 24 hours from the upload of the product.
For any question or inquiry email us at: ecommerce@nvmind.net

We want to help international sellers to pass this period of international crisis. 

Let's make the economy start greater than ever before.