Buy and sell every product you can imagine through our site. We accept only authentic products. We accept every type of product, but it must be brand new.  The price will be deducted of a 8% total fee. We are covering shipping and sellers will receive a pre-paid label when the product get sold.

We accept stores and wholesalers too.

This is the selling process:

1) Sign up as seller on

2) upload your products

3) when the product get sold you will be notified immediately

4) we will provide you a shipping label

5) wait for the courier 

6) payment :)


Stores and verified sellers will have the payment immediately when the product gets sold. To verify your store you need to have 10+ succesful sales.

Non-verified sellers will receive payments as soon the package lands. We try to assure the fastest shipping so you it's usually about 2-3 days for national shipping and 4-7 days for international.

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Any seller which sells a product not matching the description (not authentic, used or flagged) will receive a penalty fee of 25% of the shoes value and will be banned from lifeteme. In these cases, products won't be returned to the seller.



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